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Amethyst Healing Center has been relocated.  To book an appointment with Darcy Cleome please call (805) 927-1700.

Cambria is a charming seaside town.  The locale here is amazing and as the Gateway to Big Sur. We have a deeply spiritual and healing vibration that pours forth from the oceanic depths just at the shores whispering edge at Moonstone Beach.  We are blessed by many visitors from around the world who come to see our natural, accessible and angelic atmosphere.

Whether visiting from far away or just down the road, Darcy Cleome at Amethyst Healing is your oasis of serenity by the sea.   Please make an appointment when you are in town. 

With love and gentleness I will do my best to assist you in returning to your own best state of well being and health.  Please let me know how I may be of service.

Manifest the Life you Desire!

Questions? Make an appointment: (805) 927-1700 or Email me at
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